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PATH/Rocky Prajapati

Gender in multisectoral nutrition action plans

A core aim of the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement is to “ensure equity, equality and non-discrimination for all, with women and girls at the centre of efforts”. To achieve this by 2020, as highlighted in the SUN Movement Strategy and Roadmap (2016-2020), all SUN countries are striving to (SUN Movement Secretariat, 2016):

  • Have equitable improvement in the nutrition status of all people, ensuring that no one is left behind.
  • Adopt policies that reduce nutritional inequities, especially among women and girls, and eliminate discriminatory laws and practices.
  • Strive to involve representatives from vulnerable communities in their decision-making processes.

As highlighted, particularly in the second bullet, a key aspect of this is ensuring policies and plans consider and aim to address the unique needs of men, women, boys and girls in order to reduce nutritional inequities. Maximising the Quality of Scaling Up Nutrition (MQSUN+) recently conducted a gender assessment of SUN country multisectoral national nutrition plans (NNP). This was completed as part of a broader review of SUN country nutrition plans based on SUN’s Checklist on the criteria and characteristics of ‘good’ national nutrition plans.

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