Where We Work

To date, Maximising the Quality of Scaling Up Nutrition (MQSUN) and now MQSUN+ have provided technical assistance in 56 countries—both supporting high-quality evidence generation and use for nutrition programming and policy and working collaboratively with countries to advance their Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) agenda and build country capacity to improve nutrition.

In addition to individual country support, MQSUN+ supports global assignments for the Department for International Development (DFID) in the United Kingdom and the SUN Movement Secretariat in Geneva that examine specific country contexts to inform both national and global nutrition evidence and guidance. This may include direct country engagement or consultations to gather the most relevant on-the-ground perspective. For example, MQSUN+ recently supported an analysis of famine data collection and use in four countries to inform timely famine declaration, as well as a systematic review of the national nutrition plans in 11 countries using the SUN checklist on the criteria and characteristics of ‘good’ national nutrition plans.

Specific country-related technical assistance is highlighted in the map below:

█ Direct technical assistance to country

█ Part of a global assignment with direct country engagement

█ Part of a global assignment with limited or no country engagement