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Policy Options for Pune Municipal Corporation

This paper lays out a series of policy options that could be considered by Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) in India to support the citizens of Pune to make healthy food choices when they are eating outside of their homes, whether at school, at work, on the move, or when eating in a hotel or restaurant. These proposals are drawn from an initial workshop with stakeholders in July 2018 and follow-up meetings with them in March 2019.

The paper considers how each of these options might be delivered in a manner that draws on smart technology. The options were compiled from detailed discussions with PMC officers in various departments (Encroachment Removal, Sky Signs, Urban Community Development, Education and Women and Child Development) and key stakeholders who work closely with PMC. They demonstrate the extent of power municipal authorities in India have to influence the food environment of their citizens.

This paper was produced as part of the process of developing a partnership between Birmingham, United Kingdom (UK), and Pune on Smart food and nutrition approaches. Both cities are exploring which policies they wish to pursue to help their citizens eat healthy and sustainable diets. The partnership is being supported by the Food Foundation with funding from the Tata Trusts and the UK Department for International Development through its Maximising the Quality of Scaling Up Nutrition Plus (MQSUN+) programme.